Tuesday, January 9, 2007

CALL FOR CREATIVE WORK/PAPERS: eco poetics and women writers

Eco-Poetics Special Feature

Co-ordinator: Harriet Tarlo

What is the relationship of linguistic innovation, spatial practices and formal concerns in poetry to ecology, environment and its associated politics?

How do you feel about/deal with the association of women with nature in our culture, past and present, and, indeed, in some environmental politics and eco-criticism?

Can modernist and contemporary experimental writing encompass, infringe upon, engage with the global? How does poetry participate in local or regional issues?

Can eco-poetics intersect effectively with other global political issues? Should it? What is our/your priority?

(Why) does eco-criticism identify itself closely with realist and non-fiction writing and often not poetics?

How might modernist/experimental writing and eco-critical discourse learn from each other?
Do you believe in eco-feminism? What is its relationship to a formulation of a possible eco-poetics?

Are these questions that engage you and/or feature in your creative work? If so, please consider submitting work to HOW2 for a special issue on eco-poetics. This may take the form of poetry, experimental prose poetry, essays, alerts or reviews.

For details of How2 formatting and layout please see the guidelines >> at: http://www.how2journal.com

Queries about the section: contact Harriet Tarlo h.tarlo@leeds.ac.uk

DEADLINE 18 May 2007


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