Thursday, June 28, 2007

Responding to Public Figures

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Guidelines for Submitting your own Photographs, Poems and Texts

Is there a figurative statue in your town or city? Is it carrying a weapon? Can you catch its 'view' with a photograph and or text? Send a picture along with your own response and if possible anything you know about the facts behind the commissioning / personage / history of the sculpture to, and it will be posted in an accumulating archive attached to this site.

First, take a picture of your statue straight on. Then, if possible, capture the gaze of your chosen statue. Send both photos according to the instructions below (See our Gaze-Capturing PDF by Redell Olsen).

The subject line for your message should say “Public Figures archive.” Please follow the following guidelines for attachments of images and text:


All photographs featured will be scaled so that the largest side is 600px in length. Therefore please ensure that your photos are this size or larger. We cannot enlarge files without losing quality but can easily scale them down. Resolution of images should be at least 72dpi.

Please limit the file size of your images to 1MB maximum per image. If you are sending multiple photographs which will take up considerable space, please consider inbox space and consult with us first. If you are having difficulty, please contact John Sparrow on for advice.


Please submit texts as attached text files; do not put the text in the body of the email. Formats should be Microsoft Word (.doc) or rich text (.rtf). If you do not have access to an application which produces these formats, Google Docs & Spreadsheets is a free online-based word processor which will export to .doc and .rtf.


By submitting photographs and text, you are confirming that all appropriate steps have been taken with regard to copyright. This means that photographs and text are either produced by you or that you have explicit permission from the copyright holder for use in HOW2. In the latter case, you must provide citations and acknowledgments.

Deadline: Summer/Fall 2007 ongoing

See Submissions to Public Figures

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poetry And Performance

We are looking for papers, interviews, reviews and new writing that relate to issues of poetry and performance. We invite papers that focus on a range of approaches to poetry and performance, including the relationships between live art / performance and poetics and what has been termed in the UK, Performance Writing. We would like our contributors to consider some aspect of performance poetry or poetry in performance in relation to contexts of collaboration, networks and communities, and / or, its crossover into digital writing and new media. We are also particularly interested in the concept of a "poetic economy", which examines the way that gift cultures can be suggestive of possibilities for developing poetic networks. Poetry's oral tradition is finding new relevance within this type of economy and we welcome submissions that address the recent development of poetic practices that focus on the spoken word such as those supported by a range of venues including; Naropa University and the Bowery Poetry Club. We are also interested in poetry's relationship to live-art, music, sound poetry, and performance in new media.

See our guidelines on submitting work

Contact: Elizabeth-Jane Burnett and Sophie Robinson, Royal Holloway, University of London. and

Deadline: September 1st 2007.